Bremen homes I Rääma 9a

Rääma 9A, Pärnu

A beautiful place with history by the Pärnu River

The houses will be completed in the summer of 2022. The exterior was designed by the architectural firm AB Korrus. The interior was designed by Aivar Mühlbach.

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A place with history

Within walking distance of Pärnu city centre are three modern buildings – the Bremen homes. They were named after the manor in Rääma district, which was already being referred to as Bremen as far back as the 16th century. This is also where the name of the Rääma district originated.

High quality and modern

The Bremen homes are modern architectural gems with a pristine design. Above all, the residential buildings are characterised by spaciousness – the tall floor-to-ceiling windows allow a lot of light into the apartments. We only use construction materials of the highest quality in our developments. The window frames are a mixture of natural wood and aluminum. Large comfortable balconies and terraces add luxury. Two options are provided for interior design to create a particular atmosphere – clean light or solid dark tones. The outdoor area is particularly beautiful in spring with its blossoming fruit trees.

Great location

The houses are located by the river and include 28 apartments with gorgeous views. A home in one of the Bremen buildings is great for anyone who enjoys panoramic views of the city and being close to the river. This is a very good place for anyone wishing to explore the city. The marina and the breakwater, as well as the city centre, are nearby. Larger shopping centres are only half a kilometre away. The buildings are located by Jaanson’s track that runs along the river banks, where you can ride a bicycle, rest your feet and admire the view on a nice bench, and even dip your toes in the water on a hot summer day.

Large comfortable balconies and terraces

Beautiful orchard

Tall floor-to-ceiling windows

Clean light or solid dark tones

High-quality construction materials

  • Floor
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
Name Floor Rooms Size Balcony/terrace Info Price Status Plan
1 1 3 63,5m2 22.4m2 Apartment Sold
2 1 2 48,6m2 24.8m2 Apartment Sold
3 1 1 30,5m2 14.8m2 Apartment Sold
4 1 3 65,2m2 24.1m2 Apartment Sold
5 2 2 41,9m2 20.8m2 Apartment Sold
6 2 3 60,6m2 24.8m2 Apartment Sold
7 2 3 65,6m2 49.9m2 Apartment Sold
8 3 2 41,9m2 10.4m2 Apartment Sold
9 3 3 60,6m2 12m2 Apartment Sold
10 3 3 65,6m2 23.7m2 Apartment Sold

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