The apartment building at Papiniidu Street 54, planned for a quiet district of Mai, is only 3 km away from the centre of Pärnu. There are kindergartens, a school, a swimming pool, a supermarket and a shopping centre nearby. A few steps away, there is a light traffic road along the seafront – ideal for sports and evening walks.

The Rannaniidu Homes is an A-energy class residential building, which is planned to be completed in September 2022. The building has three floors and 23 apartments. Most apartments have balconies that open to the morning or evening sun, while the ground floor apartments also have spacious terraces.

Welcome to the Rannaniidu home!

Picturesque location

The Rannaniidu residential buildings project was inspired by its gorgeous location by the Pärnu Bay and beautiful golden sandy beaches. A shared-use path that runs along the seafront is just a few steps from the house, offering ideal opportunities for working out and evening walks. 


A 3-storey, A-energy modern house will be completed at Papiniidu Street 54. The exterior of the building has a tiled façade and design ribs. The apartments are characterised by modern design with high ceilings and a luxurious choice of materials.


All apartments have interior finishing packages in both lighter and darker tones. Inspiration has been drawn from the location of the apartment building, which is located by the Pärnu Sea, lined with a golden sandy beach.

Italian sanitary ware and appliances have been used in the interior solutions.


The floors of the apartments are covered with high-quality and timeless oak parquet. Natural floors are warm underfoot and durable.


The interior doors of the homes are handmade wooden doors with natural veneer, and the interior solutions feature Italian sanitary ware and appliances.
Elegant and natural tones appear in the colours of the light-toned interior finishing package.

Ceramic facade and design slats have been used on the exterior.

Modern design with tall ceilings

Luxurious choice of materials

Italian sanitary installations and equipment have been used in the interior solutions.

Light package


Dark package


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Name Type Floor Rooms Size Balcony/terrace Price Status Plan
1 Guest apartment 1 2 33m2 98000€ Free see plan
2 Guest apartment 1 2 38,3m2 110000€ Free see plan
3 Guest apartment 1 2 39,5m2 2.9m2 Sold
4 Guest apartment 1 2 40,6m2 3.4m2 Sold
5 Guest apartment 1 2 45,0m2 6.2m2 Sold
6 Guest apartment 1 3 68,7m2 3.4m2 Sold
7 Guest apartment 1 3 58m2 2.5m2 Sold
8 Guest apartment 2 2 33,0m2 105000€ Free see plan
9 Guest apartment 2 2 34,7m2 5.7m2 Sold
10 Guest apartment 2 2 36,0m2 5.7m2 Sold
11 Apartment 2 2 36,8m2 3.9m2 Sold
12 Apartment 2 2 40,7m2 5m2 Sold
13 Apartment 2 3 62,9m2 8.8m2 Sold
14 Apartment 2 3 66,9m2 7.3m2 215000€ Free see plan
15 Apartment 2 3 48,0m2 6.9m2 Sold
16 Apartment 3 3 50,0m2 7m2 Sold
17 Apartment 3 2 33,0m2 Sold
18 Apartment 3 2 34,7m2 5.7m2 Sold
19 Apartment 3 2 36,0m2 5.7m2 Sold
20 Apartment 3 2 36,8m2 4m2 Sold
21 Apartment 3 2 40,7m2 5.1m2 Sold
22 Apartment 3 3 62,9m2 8.8m2 Sold
23 Apartment 3 3 66,9m2 7.3m2 Sold

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