At home, everything is the best.

When creating each development, we think that this particular building could also be our home, not just one house among many.
That is why today we are not talking about which apartments are available or how functional apartment plans we have developed, but we want to talk about the feeling of home.

Rannaniidu homes is a development that we started from creating a feeling of home and that the feeling of home starts from the street where you park your car/bike, continues when you enter the front door of the house, say hello to your neighbour and open the apartment door.

Every cooperation partner with whom we join hands and give instructions on how to build Rannaniidu homes, we base it on creating environmentally sustainable living environments that enrich the urban space and promote a sense of community.
So that these words do not remain just words, we keep our “finger on the pulse” of our developments every week, and our construction meetings are thorough and comprehensive. Our development manager knows every detail of the house and is familiar with the construction stages of the building. You can call him and inquire, and he will tell you what is going on in the construction.

Around the house, we are creating a green environment for Rannaniidu homes, where the grasses give space and the climbing hydrangea with its beautiful flowers gives a feeling of happiness.
We are building a large children’s play area on the green area next to Papiniidu Street, so that the children of the community can create new friendships that will last a lifetime.

We wish and hope that in the homes of Rannaniidu, saying hello to a neighbour is a routine at the beginning of a beautiful day, and a keen sense of community is what drives us to create values for future generations.

At home, everything is the best.

If you want to hear about our existing or new developments and find out what values we value, call or write:

Kuldar Kirikal
+372 516 9194 |
Development manager | Miston Capital OÜ