Does it seem that while you can “take it easier” when it comes to decorating the home and choosing colours because you can always paint the walls or switch our an uncomfortable sofa, you have to make exactly the right choices on the first try when planning the kitchen?
Do you know which style and materials will go in your new kitchen but you aren’t sure whether the kitchen designer can come up with a solution that takes your wishes into account, whether the quality is what you expect and whether the deadlines are kept?
We invested our time and energy with the Miston team to find the best kitchen designer who would meet the requirements that satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Let us introduce and recommend the specialists at Andi Mööbel!

We have started cooperating with Andi Mööbel to whom we trust the kitchens of all our customers. Since 2002, Andi Mööbel has manufactured more than 8,000 kitchens, all made by the hands of experienced specialists from design to installation. Customers’ trust has been won through collaboration, which comprises the journey from the idea to creating a 3D kitchen plan. Furniture is made in an Estonian plant fitted with contemporary technology, using ecologically clean and non-harmful materials.
The kitchen is installed by the same craftsman who makes the furniture in the plant. This ensures that completed kitchens are durable and of high quality.
We made sure that friendly and knowledgeable people welcome our customers at Andi Studio who will help you at every step to design and manufacture a kitchen that meets your every wish.

What to do?
* Book an appointment by CLICKING HERE or visit Andi studio at Lootsi 3a.
* Give the address of your new home at the meeting.
* The studio has all the necessary dimensions and technical specifications to design a solution that meets your wishes.
* When making a purchase, decide whether to pay immediately or include the amount in the purchase price of your home.

In addition to the kitchen, you can also design bathroom, storage room, living room, etc. furniture.

See photos of completed kitchens HERE.

If you have any questions, please give us a call and let us know how we can help.

KULDAR KIRIKAL / phone: +372 516 9194