RANNANIIDU HOMES – urban lifestyle in the middle of coastal meadows.

The Rannaniidu Homes is one of the rarest apartment buildings of Miston Kinnisvara real estate company. In this house, two worlds merge – an urban hurried pace of living and a meditative living milieu with its noise of the sea and the rustle of coastal meadows.

The Rannaniidu Homes complex is located near the life artery – Selver’s grocery store is a stone’s throw away, and there is a unique area of coastal meadows within walking distance. 214 steps from the front door – and you will have the opportunity to choose whether you walk along the light traffic road to Pärnu Beach Promenade, go along the Pärnu coastal meadow hiking trail or visit the Papiniidu birdwatching tower.

The apartments in the Rannaniidu Homes are luminous and have large windows. In the architecture of the house, we assumed that future home owners would feel the summer vibe of Pärnu both at home and when walking around the house. This is a home that will be difficult to leave – the desire to be at home and enjoy the magnificent window views will not diminish.

ps. in the photo apartment no 23, with illustrations (11.04.2022)

The address of the Rannaniidu Homes is Papiniidu Street 54. A 3-storey, 23-apartment, A-energy class house is nearing completion. The exterior of the building has a tiled façade and design ribs. The apartments are characterised by high ceilings and a selection of brightly designed materials. The interior decoration is inspired by the sunlight pouring in from the windows.

All apartments have interior finishing packages in both lighter and darker tones. Inspiration has been drawn from the location of the apartment building, which is located by the Pärnu Sea, lined with a golden sandy beach.
The floors of the apartments are covered with high-quality and timeless oak parquet. Natural floors are warm underfoot and durable.

Concrete work took place in the first week of April, and now the floors at all the storeys have been cast. If you want, please call (Kuldar Kirikal / phone: +372 516 9194), and we will visit the apartment building of the Rannaniidu Homes together.

Watch how the house structure of the Rananniidu Homes was built in 1 min and 38 seconds.

The common name of our developments is “apartments with a practical layout and daylight”, which we have taken into account in the layout plans of the houses.

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