The cornerstones of Miston’s development projects – Bremen, Rannaniidu and Mai 71 – have been installed, the first rafter parties are taking place right now, and the construction work has gained momentum. When building apartment buildings, we have carefully selected general contractors who have had stood out for their reliable quality and accurate construction schedules.

In the architecture of the buildings to be built, we have followed the principle of enriching the urban space and our desire to build houses that can be seen to fit into the existing environment and living milieu. In interior finishing, we have set a goal to build apartments where light, spaciousness and compatibility with the style of the future apartment owner play an important role.

The construction of the house of the Rannaniidu Homes has been completed, the windows have been installed, and the floors of the ground floor were cast on 1 April. The rafter party is taking place right now. The interior finishing works of the Rannaniidu apartment building will start at the beginning of the summer, and the homes can be occupied in late summer / autumn 2022.

There are still some apartments available (we recommend apartments 14, 22 and 23 which offer great views from the windows!). If you are interested, please see them HERE

The ground floor of the Bremen homes is ready, and we are starting construction on the second floor (next after the ground one in local numeration) this week.  We are planning to have the rafter party in late spring. The Bremen Homes’ three houses will be completed in December 2022, and the new owners will be able to spend Christmas this year in their new home.

Most of the apartments have been sold out. If you are interested in a new apartment on the banks of Pärnu River, you can see the vacant living spaces HERE

Construction of the Mai 71 Homes has gained momentum, and the first floor is about to be completed. The work on the exterior façade will be carried out in summer 2022, after which the interior finishing work will begin. 45 families will be able to move to their new home in February 2023.

If you are interested in a home where a kindergarten, a swimming pool, shopping malls, the sea and the beach promenade are within walking distance then please see the available apartments HERE

The common name of our developments is “apartments with a very good layout and daylight”, which we have taken into account in the layout plans of the houses.

We help you at every step of your way. If you need help selling an existing property or calculating your finances, please contact us.

Please give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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