The first building of the Valgekivi business centre will be completed in January next year

At the end of last year, a sign was put up on the edge of the premises of the former Paide dairy plant on Prääma tee, announcing that the Valgekivi business centre will be finished and opened by the end of next year. Although the COVID-19 crisis that took place during that time threw a wrench in the developer’s plans, they mentioned in a press release issued this week that Mapri Ehitus is building the three-building Valgekivi business centre in Paide on Prääma tee. Aare Parts, member of the board of Valgekivi OÜ, the real estate company that contracted the works, states that although there are several business centres across Estonia, nothing like this has previously been done in Paide. “No new commercial, warehouse, or service premises have been built here recently and the companies operate in old buildings. Previously, we have had developments in Pärnu. We want to demonstrate that life is possible outside Tallinn and we are good at it. The people of Järva County will soon be able to work and acquire the goods and services they need in new buildings and modern conditions,” says Parts.